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Video Touring a Potential Home? Here Are The Kitchen Questions You’ll Want To Ask

While COVID-related restrictions have loosened in many areas, many buyers are still wary about going to tour homes in person—and video tours are still hugely popular. Perhaps it’ll even be a permanent addition to how some people look at homes even once the pandemic is entirely under control.

Video tours can give you just as much detail and information about a property checking as seeing it in person. But that’s only true if you ask the right questions—including in the kitchen.

A recent article from outlined the key questions buyers should ask their agent when taking a video tour of a kitchen, including:

  • Can you show me the room from all angles? Seeing the kitchen from a single perspective or viewpoint won’t give you a real sense of the space—so make sure to ask your agent to show you the room from a variety of angels.

  • Can you zoom in on the appliances? Appliances are costly—and if you’re going to have to spend part of your budget replacing the appliances in the home, that could factor into your offer (or whether you make an offer at all). Asking your agent to zoom in on the appliances will give you an idea of what kind of shape they’re in—and whether they’ll need to be replaced.

  • Can you show me a close-up of the cabinets? The kitchen cabinets may look amazing in the listing photos—but when you get a close-up look at them, you may notice that they’re not so amazing and need to be repainted or replaced. Ask your agent to zoom in on the cabinets so you can assess their condition before making your final decision on the home.

Just because you can’t (or don’t want to) tour a home in person, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good look at the kitchen, You just need to be prepared with the right requests, and politely direct your agent around the room for a closer look at the things you really want to see.

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