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The Future Has Arrived

I know I’m dating myself, but do you remember The Jetsons cartoons? We thought they were so over the top in their predictions of life 100 years in the future! Yet, today, many of the things they portrayed are part of our everyday lives.


Smart Home Automation

Smart Watches

Video Chat and Conferencing

With the Covid-19 pandemic, so much has changed in our world. One huge change in how we do real estate is the need for virtual showings of properties. The virtual world created by technology can substitute for many of the activities that previously could only take place in physical space. The Jetsons would feel right at home house hunting in today’s real estate market! Although in the past, I’ve sold a few homes to out of town clients with FaceTime showings and video walk throughs, the pandemic has created an urgent need to allow buyers to know and see as much of the home or condo as possible without physically setting foot in it.

Allow me to share a bit with you about adjustments I’ve made. One of the biggest changes I’ve made with my listings is using a 360 camera for tours that make you feel as though you are in the home even when viewing it online. Still photos can be integrated into that tour as well. Although it’s a bit time consuming to do, I’ve even done 360 tours of other agents' listings for buyer clients who were not able to come to Oxford to see a hot property. I work with a lot of out of town clients, and this is a great option for them to feel as though they have actually been there.

A video walk through is a great partner for the 360 tour, to help buyers get a better feel for the way the home flows. This can be done by recording a video and texting it or emailing it to the buyer, or by FaceTiming with the buyer while in the property. This way, a Buyer can get a very good idea of whether the property will meet their needs or not. Once they are actually able to be in town to physically visit properties, they can be narrowed down to just a few.

Although I love to meet with clients face to face, FaceTime again can come to the rescue when that isn't possible. An even better option is Zoom or Google Meet video conferencing. These allow some screen sharing and as I discuss properties with a buyer, I can share my screen to discuss listings on the MLS that may meet their needs. It allows me to refine my searches by learning more about the features the clients prefer, or don't prefer.

For Sellers, these virtual options help them by not having quite so many people constantly visiting their home. This is especially important if someone in the home has a fragile health situation that can be compromised by exposure to Covid-19 or other germs.

If you are interested in buying or in selling a home in the Oxford area, I’m ready and able to work with you, whether in person or virtually. The future has truly arrived!

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