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Tips for Moving with Kids During the School Year

Searching for houses for sale in Oxford MS can be exciting, especially if you are entering a new phase of your life. Things might be a bit more difficult if your children will have to change schools. Below are a few tips that can help you make their transition a bit smoother.

Request Their School Records

As you get ready for your move to a new school district, you will need to prepare your kids’ records. Go to their current school and ask for any educational records, including transcripts and current grades. You also may need to visit your children’s primary physician to get their shot records. If possible, get these records faxed. If not, make sure you get duplicate copies for yourself.

Look at the Classes

If you are moving from one state to another, there’s a good chance that there won’t be a one-to-one transfer of course credits. Take a look at the course requirements in the new school and begin comparing them to those at the old school. If there is some question as to a class’s contents, you may need to bring in a syllabus from the other class. This will not only help you make sure your kids’ credits transfer, but it will also help you make sure your children are placed in the appropriate classes.

Bring Them Along

If at all possible, make sure to bring your children along to the new school. If you have older kids, take them with you to drop off the registration paperwork or attend orientation. Take younger children on a tour of the building if possible, or at least take them by to see the building if it is not possible to go on a tour. Exposing your child to the new environment can quell some of the nervousness that stems from having to start over at a new school. While most of the adjustment will come later, you can start the process now.

Allow for Adjustments

While looking for houses for sale in Oxford MS may have been a positive experience for you due to the assistance you received from an experienced real estate agent like Kay Hightower, it’s hard to expect the same kind of excitement out of a child. For kids, switching schools is a traumatic experience that won’t necessarily fade quickly. Give your child a bit more leeway than usual when it comes to his or her attitude and grades when you make your big move. It will take your child some time to adjust, so give him or her the time to do so.

Do what you can to make the transition easier for your child. The fewer obstacles there are in the way of a quick registration, the better it will be. In time, your child will adjust and begin to make new friends in Oxford.

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